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We Are Here To Harness the Power of Music

Our Mission

To enable grassroots action for a healthy planet by cultivating the use of music as an educational tool.

Our Vision

A global community that stewards the Earth, in which the memorable, emotional, and unifying power of music contributes to the balance between humankind, nature, and society.

Planet Earth is home for all of us.

What We Do

Media Production

We collaborate with local musicians in local styles and languages to produce eco-minded songs and music videos for distribution through the radio, TV and online. This is made possible by our highly diverse and skilled team with abilities spanning composition, recording, video production and promotion.

Classroom Resources

We develop classroom materials to encourage fun, engaging and versatile eco-education for teachers in our currently active countries as well as around the world! These resources are free for anyone to use and will be distributed to rural schools for free.

Live Events & Workshops

We lead all sorts of live workshops, concerts and other events to benefit musicians, communities, schools and all people interested in the union of music with the environment. Some of our most successful events include songwriting workshops, eco-concerts and musical activations.

How We Do It


Our skilled team of composers collaborates with artists all over Africa to create something unique with a powerful message. We are also available for song commissions.


Whether using our own mobile studio or borrowing a personal or professional studio space, we have the chops to record, mix, and master a quality track.


We specialize in music videos, but soon we’ll be adding a web series, Virtual Reality experiences, and a documentary film!

Live Events

Collaborations with festivals like Bushfire and Rocking the Daisies have us excited to bring our inspired friends around the world! We’ve also thrown plenty of benefit concerts, and our founder Alex is available for public speaking, too!





What We Teach

Climate Change

Climate Change is by far the most significant environmental crisis we are facing, and it exacerbates the magnitude of all of the rest. The causes and effects can be noticed at a worldwide scale. According to the Climate Change Vulnerability Index for 2015, seven of the ten countries most at risk from climate change are in Africa. The parts of Africa where CM is currently working are in semi-arid and arid regions, which when combined with widespread poverty will spell catastrophe if global warming isn’t stopped, and rural solutions and adaptations are spread widely. We broadcast our songs over national radio to reach thousands of people.


In countries like Lesotho, which is expected to lose all of its arable topsoil by 2040, erosion is a deadly issue. Exacerbated by Climate Change, harsh droughts followed by massive significant rainfall spells doom for subsistence communities reliant on their topsoil to provide enough nutrition for their families. With music, we are spreading Conservation Agriculture ethics and techniques.


The spread of gill nets – and worse, mosquito nets – is depleting freshwater fisheries all over Africa. Mosquito nets are especially bad, catching every single fish to cross their path, including young fish which have never had a chance to breed and carry on their species. On top of this, as one country depletes its own fishery, another sees a chance to profit and starts exporting its fish stock, which is hastening the problem exponentially. If the ethics of sustainable fishing aren’t spread, it will spell disaster for thousands of people.


Poaching is a difficult beast to bring down. Massive foreign syndicates extort innocent people to poach for them or face gruesome consequences in their village. Extreme poverty and desperation leads some to join the poaching black market voluntarily. To those working in the poaching arena, the truth is clear: there will be no end to poaching without enlisting the help of communities. We have already been approached to write a song encouraging anti-poaching ethics, accountability, and participation by rural villagers. Poaching must end, before it is too late.


No matter what the regional climate may be, losing forests is bad for everyone. For rural villagers, it means walking further and further for cooking fuel and building material. For wildlife it means habitat and biodiversity loss. And on a global scale, it means the loss of crucial carbon sequestration to mitigate global warming. Sustainable forestry must be universal. We’ve already done one tree planting song with our friends in Zambia, and we look forward to doing more, as well as spreading seeds about Farmer Managed Natural Regrowth, which you can learn about by clicking the button below.


Linked to deforestation and hastened by Climate Change, desertification is affecting many hundreds of communities in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere. To push back expanding deserts, sustainable forestry is crucial. New trees must be planted, and old trees must be tended to encourage regrowth.


Littering in the developing world can be staggering. Plastic bottles and bags, tattered clothes and unsalvageable shoes, bits of metal and rusted machinery are strewn about the roads almost everywhere. This waste can carry dangerous germs and disease, can kill both livestock and wildlife, and it will eventually make it to rivers and oceans where it will carry on torturing and toxifying animals that we may one day eat. It also contributes to ocean acidification, which is killing our reefs and destroying the ocean’s ability to absorb excess heat from the atmosphere. It may seem small, but as a whole, the repercussions of litter are global, and it must be stopped.


In countries such as Angola and Zambia, slash-and-burn agriculture and charcoal production are exacerbated more by persistent burning of the landscape. Vast swaths of grasssland and forest are burned every year, killing hundreds of animals or leading them to death by a poacher’s rifle. Large amounts of carbon are released into the atmosphere, and erosion goes entirely unmitigated as root systems fail after years and years of burning. This leads rivers to siltify, and nutrients to be leached from their landscapes forever.

Wildlife Conflict

From a traditional fear bordering on hatred of reptiles to animosity towards elephants and lions, there are significant issues with how many rural people view the wildlife surrounding them. While it must be acknowledged and respected that these people can and do lose life-sustaining croplands and livestock to animals. We hope to write songs that encourage a balanced perspective on wildlife both big and small, and spread the word about the most effective wildlife mitigation methods known for megafauna management.


Meet the Musicians

Our Conservation Ambassadors

Sotho Sounds

Malealea, Lesotho

Morena Leraba

Maseru, Lesotho

Pitso Rah Makhula

Maseru, Lesotho

HT Tautona

Maun, Botswana

Leshie Lovesong

Gaborone, Botswana

Stiger Sola

Maun, Botswana

Tomeletso Sereetsi

Gaborone, Botswana

Mosi Oa Tunya Band

Livingstone, Zambia

Banda Progresso

Menongue, Angola

Bhudaza Mapefane

Maseru, Lesotho

Joka Katele

Livingstone, Zambia

Meet the Team

Our Volunteers With a Vision
  • Bryan Murphy

    Visual Production Manager

    With nearly 10 years working behind the lens, Bryan has spent his life searching for what keeps himself and the camera rolling. After years of shooting countless subjects, it only took 5 months in southern Africa with the CM team to realise there was not a more fitting calling. Striving to capture unique and genuine moments, he believes there is nothing more impactful than a shot composed purely out of the moment.

  • Alex Paullin

    Founder, Chief Executive Officer

    Alex Paullin is a lifelong musician with a degree in Geographic Science and a wide breadth of additional environmental education. He is a talented composer and producer of both audio and video alike, able to direct a project from start to finish and fill any role that’s necessary in the field or in the studio. His travel and field experience with National Geographic serve him well as he chases his dream of sustainable development through music. Learn more…

  • Billy Morgan

    Production Assistant

    Billy is a recording engineer from Harrisonburg, Virginia whose desire is to see humanity take on more sustainable lifestyles, so that future generations may enjoy the Earth’s beauty and resources. A conscious rapper, Billy’s own lyrical themes have transformed from mainly social to environmental. His group is called StarBaby and the Rolling Oms, look them up!

  • Caitlyn Loweth

    Admin and Finance Manager

    Caitlyn received her Bachelor’s degree in Classical Guitar Performance and Music Industry at James Madison University. Alongside working full-time in arts administration, she is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Arts Management. In her spare time, she plays guitar, practices yoga, hikes, and hangs out with her cat, Jasper.

  • Chris Volosevich

    Audio Production Manager

    An artist with a thirst for new ideas, skills, and adventure, Chris has been primarily a musician for most of his life. He is a multi-instrumentalist and, in more recent years, a producer and audio engineer – a field that surely puts his musical and practical skills to the test. As Conservation Music’s Audio Production Manager, he has found no better outlet for his creativity and drive for producing artists from all over the world.

  • Charlie Ross

    Blog & Newsletter Manager

    After returning from life in the deep jungles of Costa Rica and Belize, geographer, environmental activist, and writer Charlie was ready to jump onboard another adventure. While the field team is blazing through the bush of Africa to find our next project, Charlie will be relaying updates to the blog. With his deep passion for travel and learning about global creative arts, Charlie has found a new home at CM.

  • Jake Taylor

    Production Assistant

    Jake Taylor is a multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer with a degree in Geographic Science. Music has been his voice for self-expression since he was a born, but it wasn’t until his college years that he discovered his love and propensity for the stewardship of the natural world. Using music as a catalyst and vessel for conveying the crucial message of environmental sustainability is his ultimate goal, and valuable human connection through musical conversation and love, he believes, is the key to making it happen.

  • Matthew Merritt

    Outreach Manager

    Matt is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who served as a Primary English Teacher in Lesotho. Having grown up in Richmond, Virginia in the USA, attended James Madison University, and lived in Lesotho, all at the same time as Alex, his intertwined path seemed destined to find its way into the CM family. He is an asset to have onboard as an incredibly bright and dedicated advocate of our mission and vision.

  • Reekelitsoe Molapo

    Co-founder, Conservation Music Lesotho

    Reekelitsoe Molapo is an entrepreneur and a student. She’s versatile and multi-skilled; with training in research, entrepreneurship and African studies. She has worked and volunteered with organisations like Better SA, Global Business Roundtable, World Vision, US Embassy and EU Maseru; which equipped her with organisational, management, interpersonal and problem solving skills. She believes in sustainability and is currently working on environmental projects within her company.

Our Collaborators

Together We Rise. Join Us!

We’re all in this together. Collaboration is essential in improving our relations with the Earth and with each other! The above organizations have supported or planned projects with Conservation Music, directly or otherwise, along the way. We welcome opportunities to work together, so please get in touch!


  • I have heard many English songs on conservation and environmental awareness which did stir up emotions within me. But, listening to one in my own tongue is a totally different feeling. I felt I could resonate with the message and it really touched my heart. It was also worth noting that there were so many languages on it, about five I think; all coming from different part of Zambia. I am so excited that such a message can reach the Zambians not fortunate enough to get educated and learn a foreign language.

    Fortune Manda
    Student, Zambia
  • Having collaborated with Conservation Music I have personally seen the positive impact of their work on the ground. A unique concept in environmental education and awareness that inspires and energizes local communities to take action. On top of that we’re also gifted with original music!

    Danny Lurie
    Founder & Filmmaker, Hillside Digital Trust, Lesotho
  • An excellent initiative! Music is one powerful tool that speaks to our need as humans to connect. And it can only be a cause as big as life itself when people and artists connect to save the planet – that’s Conservation Cusic.

    Tomeletso Sereetsi
    Musician & Celebrity, Botswana

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