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chopperkuitoriverAngola. It’s a country with a past rife with oppression, corruption, and war, but we are getting to know an Angola that’s looking forward. By getting involved in building a new Angolan conservation ethic, it is an honor to be able to play a small part in the country’s rebirth.

The majority of the project’s work is located in the southeastern region, where rivers are born and flow thousands of kilometers south to Namibia, where the stream gathers strength and pushes east before cutting its way south into Botswana, where it then begins to open up and spread out at the panhandle of the legendary Okavango Delta. We are working with the National Geographic Okavango Wilderness Project to spread awareness in Angola of their crucial role in keeping this singular watershed safe.

Angola is by far the most tropical place we are working at present. On top of the climate extremes we experience there, there is an abundance of language and culture in this vast country. Though much of this was quashed over 500 years of colonial rule by the Portuguese, there is still a sort of sound and celebration that’s unique to this place, and despite difficulties entering and exiting the country, we are happy to be working here.