Chris Volosevich

Audio Production Manager
An artist with a thirst for new ideas, skills, and adventure, Chris has been primarily a musician for most of his life. He is a multi-instrumentalist and, in more recent years, a producer and audio engineer – a field that surely puts his musical and practical skills to the test. As Conservation Music’s Audio Production Manager, he has found no better outlet for his creativity and drive for producing artists from all over the world.

Clayton Hamshar

Website Manager

Clayton is a multi-faceted creative with a passion for graphic design, web development, writing and of course music. He strives toward balance and harmony across all aspects of life and society, especially with regard to nurturing our connection with Mother Earth. He can usually be found in a hammock down by the river or in his studio producing electronic music under the name Sunrizen.

Billy Morgan

Production Assistant

Billy is a recording engineer from Harrisonburg, Virginia whose desire is to see humanity take on more sustainable lifestyles, so that future generations may enjoy the Earth’s beauty and resources. A conscious rapper, Billy’s own lyrical themes have transformed from mainly social to environmental. His group is called StarBaby and the Rolling Oms, look them up!