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Field Notes: Conservation Music Teams Up with GreenPop in Zambia!

On The Road to Zambia After wrapping up an amazing, yet enduring week at the Bushfire Festival, the Conservation Music (CM) crew geared up for their next adventure to Livingstone, Zambia. Greenpop, an environmental non-governmental...
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Field Notes: Conservation Music in Swaziland, Bring Your Fire!

The Crew Travels to the Bushfire Festival In the final weeks of May, the crew said their goodbyes to Maseru, the beautiful capital of Lesotho. Having lived, worked, and socialized there for the past month...
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Conservation Music Lands in Maseru

With sore shoulders and tired legs, completely weighed down by our gear and equipment, we ambled into Maseru like pack mules. It is still difficult to catch my breath and decipher my thoughts and feelings...
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A Harmonious Resistance Creates Global Solidarity for Standing Rock

A Harmonious Resistance For more than a year, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has been at war with natural gas’s close comrade, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), over the development of the controversial $3.8 billion Dakota...
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How Music Inspires and Empowers Rural Africans to Steward Their Environment

The Power Of Music We all have a song that we never forget. Maybe it carried us through tough times. Or perhaps it reminds us of good times we’ve had. It may have taught us...
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On Returning to America

It’s been two months since I arrived near Washington, D.C. to be greeted by my family. This has been a tumultuous time in America. Civil liberties are churning, ebbing and flowing as outraged citizens march...
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