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From all of us here in Angola, HAPPY EARTH DAY! A day to reflect on our nature as humans, and what we can do to help nurture it. We hope you enjoy this quick 1-minute clip of the work we’ve been doing here!

The Conservation Music Project is founded on the belief that every person on the planet has a gift that can be used to do something much greater than ourselves. We’re using music to speak to the heart and the mind about caring for the planet, in many different languages! This section is in Umbundu, which is spoken further North and West within the Okavango basin, and speaks of the wealth of fish, frogs, and crocodiles to be found in Angola’s rivers.

Also, speaking of days for reflection and celebration, tomorrow, the 23rd of April, marks the one year anniversary of my touchdown in Lesotho! Since then, I’ve been blessed to experience 4 other countries in Southern Africa, especially the privilege of meeting such a wealth of wonderful people everywhere I go. I am so grateful to everyone I’ve met along the way.

On top of this, on an even more personal note, just 11 days away is my birthday, May 3rd. This year, I have decided to launch a my first ever Crowdfunding campaign, for the Conservation Music Project, the night beforehand. Even the smallest donation will help to empower musicians from all over Southern Africa to impact the earth in their own unique, positive way! Just something to think about, I will be keeping you posted on this!

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