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Music Industry

At Conservation Music we are actively seeking ways to expand our network as much as possible throughout the global music industry. Regardless of your area of expertise or skill level, chances are very high there is a way you can help grow our movement.

Mixing/Mastering Engineers

As we continue to add artists to our collective, there is an ever-increasing flow of new music in need of post production work in order to get it ready for release and promotion. Mixing and mastering doesn’t necessarily need to be carried out on-site, so we are actively searching for engineers around the world willing to volunteer their time and skills!


With an immeasurable stream of new music coming out each day, promoters are essential to helping artist creations reach audiences. Conservation Music is one such channel, but we can’t do it alone. If you have an idea for linking our promotional networks, please don’t hesitate to contact CM!

Music Business

This is where the “industry” part comes in. Running a successful music-oriented organization takes a lot of legal and business-minded brainpower. Although this is a fairly broad category, people of all walks of life who are involved in the music industry are a vital asset to Conservation Music and we are open to any and all discussion to help take things further.


Every contribution helps!

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