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Conservation Music is actively searching for corporate partners in each country along our expedition route  in order to maximize resources, increase impact and stimulate growth in the local economy. In addition to supporting our cause, partnering with us can be quite beneficial for your company and its image. Working with us is a great way to demonstrate corporate social responsibility, which is increasingly important as corporations become more transparent to consumers, and give back to the communities you serve.


A partnership with Conservation Music also opens the door for new marketing opportunities. With a corporate sponsorship, you can help ensure we have the resources we need and in exchange your brand will enjoy much more exposure. Furthermore, your company will be associated with a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the world, which again increases your perceived social responsibility.

What We Need

Monetary Contributions

Financial support of any amount helps us continue our efforts, and directly benefits the people of your country. Our goal is to improve people’s lives and your contributions are an essential part of making that happen! 

In-Kind Donations

Conservation Music depends entirely upon people willing to volunteer their time and skills in support of our vision. If there are any relevant services, staff, equipment, etc. that your company can offer we would greatly appreciate the help!


We’re always on the lookout for unlocking the powerful mutual benefits afforded by a sponsorship deal. We can market your brand to increase reach with audiences while simultaneously cultivating an image of social responsibility for the public. In return, you can supply monetary or equipment donations.


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