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What We Need


As is the case with any non-profit organization, we require sustainable financial support in order to implement our mission locally and globally. Whether it’s through regular donations or a more active role in terms of developing collaborative fundraising efforts, any form of funding support is immensely helpful.


Does a local or regional chapter of your organization have a stake in cultivating grassroots change for building a healthier planet through music? We would love to partner up and exchange connections in order to mutually build our respective networks.

Media Exposure

Today’s media environment is more saturated than ever with a seemingly endless array of voices competing for attention, but chances are high that our audiences overlap to some extent. By working together and exchanging content to build engagement with our respective audiences, we can unlock the potential to reach more people than ever before.


Conservation Music has gained a reputation for creating compelling videos, music and other forms of content that we are more than willing to share with your organization for mutual benefit. Sharing content back and forth is a great way to amplify our message and continue building forward momentum towards our goals.

Donor Share

We would love to exchange contacts and fundraising initiatives or strategies in order to mutually grow the base of donors for our organizations. All we would ask is for you to message your donors and ask if they would b einterested in learning more about our work, and to donate to our cause as well if inspired.



Social Sharing

Social Media is one of our most powerful tools. It helps us:

• educate people on conservation
• spread our message to a wider audience
• attract more people who may want to get involved
• provide exposure to conservation musicians
• support our mission of cultivating a healthier planet


We would love to hear your ideas!


Every contribution helps!

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