“Music. It is the voice for my thoughts, experiences and faith in God. It speaks of my life. Not only through the lyrics I write or the melodies I sing, but also through the instruments that play. It is the most natural way for me to share who I am.”

“Natural” most definitely describes the musical talent of James Sakala. His melodic vocals and clean harmonies seem to flow so easily with the dynamic percussion and guitar sounds in his songs. One can only wonder where such a talent came from.

As a young boy in Mkushi, he grew up expressing himself through music and drama. “At a very young age, I started feeling music in me, and I became more convinced of my passion for it when I learnt to sing “Namusonda” by P.K. Chishala.” Soon after, he set out to hone his craft.

Over the years, James Sakala has nurtured his skills by working as a producer, session guitarist, and singer/songwriter at local recording studios in and around Lusaka. Now, he is focusing on recording his debut Afro-Jazz/Kalindula album.

Bringing a refreshing sound to Afro-Jazz by fusing it with the liveliness of Kalindula, James Sakala hopes to touch millions through his faith-driven music and “preserve a sound that has died here [in Zambia].”