Maureen is an Afro Jazz singer and songwriter with 35 years in the music industry. Maureen started her music career as a teenager, and she has a collection of five albums (Nandayeya 2000, Coming Home 2002, Evolution 2004, Tetwe 2005, Soul Masala 2007). She is backed by ‘Ashilile Band’ comprising six instrumentalists. The band is inspired by tradition and plays a fusion of traditional Zambian and western music. The band plays all genres of music but their strong suit is the Zambian field.

Maureen is a motivational speaker, and she has addressed in her music as well as at conferences issues on malaria, HIV, child abuse, domestic violence, morality, religion, and dealing with the loss of a loved one.
Maureen has collaborated and shared stages with various artists such as the Malmo Symphony of Sweden, Oliver Mtukudzi, Fra Fra of Netherlands, Magic System, Baba Maal of Senegal, Black Voices of the UK, Leona Lewis, Jonathan Butler, and Seal. Maureen has also led a female Acapella group called Amashiwi to Japan.

Maureen has won multi-Ngoma awards, two Azami awards and Starmaker accolade. She was nominated in the 2006 South Africa Kora Award for Best Female Artist. On March 21, 2014 Maureen was awarded the Born ‘n’ Bred Lifetime Achievement Award. She is also the Plan International Goodwill Ambassador and member of the Zambia Adjudicators Panel (ZAP). On September 18, 2015 she was awarded Africa’s Most Influential Women Awards for Arts in Zambia and the SADC region.