Msafiri Zawose is one among the prominent contemporary Gogo musicians. His name is associated with his traditional Gogo style music, which relies heavily on the zeze and ilimba in combination with distinct lyrical harmonies.

Msafiri Zawose is the fifth child of Dr. Hukwe Zawose, The name Zawose is synonymous with Tanzanian music and tradition.

Surrounded by musicians and spending his days at the art college, Msafiri began learning music and picked up the ilimba at a young age. By his 13th birthday, he had already mastered all of the signature Gogo instruments and was already touring widely throughout the country. His international debut was a three-month tour to Japan singing, dancing, and playing ndono, ngoma, and marimba with his father’s group Chibite.

After his father’s untimely death in 2003, Msafiri resolved to pick up where his father left off.