Rooted in the mystic Island of Zanzibar, our culture carries influences from ancient Arab, Persian, Indian and African musical traditions. We fuse them with contemporary music from Jazz to Funk to Reggae and beyond. We are Siti & The Band. We grew together musically while studying traditional Taarab at the Dhow Countries Music Academy in Zanzibar.

We are inspired by Siti Binti Saad, the Mother of Taarab. She is known as the first female musician from Zanzibar to release and tour worldwide. While keeping her cultural heritage alive, we are stating an example for the new generation of East Africans of whom many are denying their roots – and therefore a crucial element building identity and uniqueness whilst finding their musical voices.

Our first album “Fusing the Roots” is recorded evidence of the timelessness of Zanzibar’s traditional and contemporary music. The empowering lyrics give a strong feminist statement towards the self-determination of African women. The unique musical compositions have beautifully entangled contemporary rhythms with traditional Taarab. Combined with the empowering message the album translates Zanzibar’s cultural heritage into modern day society.