It’s been two months since I arrived near Washington, D.C. to be greeted by my family. This has been a tumultuous time in America. Civil liberties are churning, ebbing and flowing as outraged citizens march to protect them and an unwilling government seeks to rescind them. National lands being made ripe for the picking by fossil fuel, timber, and mineral companies… A plan to abandon the United Nations… The White House Climate Change website replaced by promises to drill… All EPA grants frozen and employees banned from posting online or speaking to reporters …For those of us working globally towards progress and balance for the Earth and its people, it is a very bleak beginning to an era that’s only just begun, with truly international implications.

But at Conservation Music we are only getting started with our mission. Now more than ever, the grassroots must rise up to eclipse the actions and views of misguided positions of power. We’ve just completed 2016, the third consecutive hottest year on record, and many are still blind to it. Some blind themselves willingly. But many of the ones struggling to get by in the developing world truly don’t know any better. Through the unifying power of music, we can spread sustainability to those who need it most in increasingly difficult times.

2017 is shaping up to be an incredible year for our team and our supporters. We’re in the midst of an increasingly successful crowd-sourced fundraising season, including online giving (click here!), numerous checks being written to Conservation Music and sent to our address, and incredible benefit concerts all across the State of Virginia! Take a look at those events below:

In addition to our grassroots fundraising efforts, we’re forming important partnerships and applying for grants. We’ve grown from a one-man motorcycle operation to a team of volunteers from all walks of life. We’ve structured our organization and are constantly becoming more efficient, and we’re finishing projects from 2016 to start our 2017 slate fresh. And oh, what a beautiful slate it will be… we depart the first week of April!

Make no mistake, while we are excited for our organization’s development and goals, we are also witnessing the start of what may be a very dark time for global conservation and sustainable development. But as a community of musicians, producers, photographers, filmmakers, writers, and creatives of all sorts, we at Conservation Music and our partners are doing our best part to continue the momentum of positive change for the future.

If you want to get involved, click on the links below:

Thanks and Godspeed,

Alex Paullin