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Okavango O Moxa – Okavango You Are Beautiful (Official Music Video)

In July and August of 2016, Conservation Music joined the Cross Okavango Delta Expedition. A team of 16 artists, poets, musicians, photographers, producers, and ba’Yei polers spent 14 days crossing the Okavango Delta of Botswana in traditional canoes, known as “mekoro” (singular “mokoro”). The Okavango Delta is a world-famous wetland and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The summertime swell caused by rains in the Angolan Highlands, as well as Botswana’s renowned conservation policy, makes this place a veritable Mecca for wildlife year-round.

The artists and much of the crew brought aboard the expedition had never experienced this level of wilderness before. The intent was to inspire their creative minds to think and create in new ways. Conservation Music was honored to capture and produce the work of the musicians, and as a special surprise, the poet as well. We hope that you enjoy this song and video!