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Donkeys and Lekhatch IILesotho is also known as “The Kingdom in the Sky,” or, “The Mountain Kingdom.” This tiny, landlocked country that’s nestled inside of South Africa’s borders is home to a plethora of vistas and beautiful mountain passes….but also to a rampant overgrazing and erosion problem.

Fortunately, the colorful culture of music and instruments has not been washed away. The local sound is “Famo,” a music for men that hosts prominent vocals, complex rhythms, polyrhythmic composition, and a handful of widespread, expressive melodic lines that serve to define it’s unique sound. Nowadays the sound is often dominated by a dark side, violent lyrics with a fiery accordion accompaniment, but our friends The Sotho Sounds keep it real with traditional instruments and positive messages. Learn more about our conservation targets, our musical partners, and our other supporters below.


Our conservation targets in Lesotho are as follows:

Soil Erosion
Excessive Livestock
No-till Farming
Raised Beds/Keyhole Gardens
Wildlife Conservation
Climate Change


Local musicians involved include (but are not limited to):

  • Sotho Sounds, Traditional Band, Malealea
  • Bhudaza, Afrojazz Celebrity, Maseru
  • Malealea Band, Traditional Band, Malealea
  • Golden Arrow, A Cappella Group, Qachas Nek
  • Growing Nations Choir, Maphutseng
  • Pitso Ra Makhula, Poet, Maseru
  • Morena Leraba, Vocalist, Maseru
  • Pakalicha, Accordian Player, Morija
  • Mahlomola, Lesiba Player, Morija


A growing number of NGOs and individuals around Lesotho are offering to volunteer their time and/or expertise. These people and organizations include (but are not limited to):

  • August Basson, Director, Growing Nations
  • Joshua Ramatlali, Residents Program, Growing Nations
  • Tello Moeketse, Chairman, Malealea Development Trust
  • Tsotang Monyane, Field Officer, Malealea Development Trust
  • Mary Njoroge, Country Director, World Food Program
  • Rémi Beghin, Director, Alliance Française
  • Steven Gill, Curator, Morija Museum and Archives
  • Carl MacMillan, Filmmaker, Happy Cow Productions
  • Tumelo Matobako, Filmmaker, Papali Productions
  • Darol Howes, Founder/Photographer, Lesotho Sky & Sky Events
  • Meri Hyöky, Photographer, Meri Hyöky Photography
  • Leila Hall, Writer, Freelance